Putting the “Win” in Winter: NetLine Named a G2 Leader for Winter 2020

NetLine is once again named a G2 Crowd Leader in the Lead Capture category.

Happy 2020, explorers! We hope you had a sensational holiday season and got to spend a ton of time celebrating the good things in your lives.

One of the gifts we received during the holidays was from our friends at G2 Crowd. They surprised us by sharing that NetLine had been named a Leader for Winter 2020! Receiving this accolade is significant, as B2B Marketing experts and specialists who’re looking to make informed decisions about B2B vendors can turn to G2 Crowd to find real, genuine feedback from peers who’ve already used it.

Quite a gift, indeed! Let’s unwrap it, together.

Walkin’ in a Winner Wonderland

These G2 recognitions mean marketing professionals continue to find value in NetLine’s offerings — something we’re exceedingly proud of.


For the eighth quarter in a row, NetLine was identified as a leader by the #1 business solutions review site in the world. In five of G2 Crowd’s Lead Capture sections, including the Mid-Market Grid® Report for Lead Capture and Mid-Market Relationship Index for Lead Capture segments, NetLine finished number one or two for Winter 2020. 94% of users left a review of 4 or 5 stars, with customer profile interviews (a measure of a vendor’s initial efforts to understand the brand and its ideal customer) pacing 10 points higher than the category average at 98%. 

In the Lead Capture segment, NetLine recorded a satisfaction score of 96% in the “Ease of Doing Business” category for a second consecutive quarter. (The average score across the competition is 92%.) NetLine also earned high ratings in the Lead Number (96%; 88% average) and Tactics (97%; 88% average) categories.

While we’re tickled to see how widely appreciated our products are, our Quality of Support score is what we’re always keeping our eyes on. For the second consecutive quarter, NetLine scored a 98% satisfaction rating — 8 points higher than the category’s average. 

NetLine’s VP of Client Services, Melissa Becht, was again delighted at the results from G2’s latest reports. “To see that our Fall score of 98% standing tall is sensational,” Becht said. “We put a lot of work into making sure we’re in a position to be able to provide our clients with the level of support we’d want to have. It’s a credit to NetLine’s Client Services department and speaks to the level of trust our clients’ Demand Generation teams have in us. We’re really pleased and hope to see that number many more times.”

Our Customers — The Real MVPs


Awards and badges are great but they’d be meaningless without the truth behind them: our great customers and their honest opinions. The B2B MarTech industry is full of hundreds of companies that are worthy of your time and budget. That you choose to work with NetLine reminds us of just how fortunate we are to work with you, the terrific people and companies we call clients.

Throughout 2020, we’ll be exploring new ways to enhance the overall user experience and further democratize lead gen so that more marketing departments achieve their goals. From launching a free, real-time interactive buyer engagement tool to providing on-demand webinars and buyer-focused research, we’re proud of the work we do and the services we offer to our customers. 

So even though we’re already a few weeks into the new year, we raise our champagne flutes to you to say thank you for trusting us to serve your business and deliver the leads you need.

Here’s to a great 2020 and the best leads you could ever ask for!

Cheers, Old Sport.