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What is Content Personalization Marketing and Its Importance?

Gone are the days of generic content and ads that lacked any semblance of segmentation. When 90% of customers find personalization efforts appealing and it drives revenue growth of up to 30%, it’s not a question of whether or not content personalization marketing is relevant, but how to achieve it at scale. Content personalization marketing […]

Marketer Showcase: Jacqueline Schklar, B2B Marketing Buzzword Killer

Jacqueline Schklar is an experienced marketing director with a proven track record in B2B and tech. Her dedication to results in product marketing, leading customer acquisition, and growing nurture programs deliver consistent, increased ROI for her clients—including Microsoft and DocuSign. How Jacqueline Schklar Builds B2B Buzzword-Less Strategies Cutting through marketing buzzword noise and delivering big […]

What NetLine’s Been Working On This Summer

Over the past few months, we’ve had the privilege to share our work through a few different outlets, including the world’s top blog for content marketing.  While we’ve shared these publications and features across our social feeds, we wanted to give them some additional love and limelight on our own blog.  NetLine’s Summer 2022 Content […]

What B2B Retailers Have on Their Wish Lists for 2020

This post was originally published on the Marketing Insider Group blog, our 4th in a series exploring B2B content consumption trends using Audience Explorer. With the holidays rapidly approaching, we wanted to share this piece with you so you could see just how diverse and fascinating the B2B retail industry truly is. Enjoy! Black Friday. […]