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How to Connect INTENTIVE Insights to Salesforce

INTENTIVE shortens B2B sales cycles and simplifies life for both marketing and sales professionals. By delivering unparalleled business insights via buyer-level intent signals and behaviors, INTENTIVE truly accelerates sales outcomes. But none of this matters unless you’re able to actually get your hands on the buyer-level intent insights the platform offers. Using INTENTIVE’s Buyer-Level Insights […]

How To Get The Handoff To Sales Right: Why First-Party And Validated Buyer-Level Data Is Essential For Effective Qualification

The pain B2B demand gen marketing pros experience whenever sales fails to act on leads or dismiss them prematurely can be quite painful.  Sales, conversely, pulls its collective hair out whenever marketing overpromises and underdelivers on quality buyer-level information. It’s a tango that has resulted in many stepped-upon toes and many unrequited opportunities. So why […]