NetLine and ON24 Team Up to Deliver a Game-Changing Partnership for B2B Marketers

Every successful campaign has two things:

Good materials and quality amplification.

Without one or the other, you cannot expect your campaign to succeed.

Even when you have all the elements, however, you still need the right tools.

To compete in this crowded space, B2B marketers need innovative solutions that boost reach and ROI in short order.

It’s this exact reason why ON24 and NetLine have joined forces—to empower enterprise customers with an unprecedented advantage in the digital marketing landscape.

Combining Forces to Reach Net New Audiences

Finding and engaging net-new prospects is crucial for B2B marketers.

Without continuously adding new opportunities to the pipeline, things can go south rather quickly.

But if these net-new prospects don’t see your content, you’ve lost before you’ve even begun.

The partnership allows ON24 clients to boost their webinar and digital experience across NetLine’s vast B2B content syndication lead generation network to increase total registrations.

By teaming up, these two powerhouses are paving the way for B2B marketers to achieve unparalleled results, supercharging their reach and ROI.

Why This Partnership Matters

With the growing demand for seamless, effective, and data-driven omnichannel strategies, this partnership aligns perfectly with the needs of today’s marketer.

According to McKinsey & Company, B2B companies with the best omnichannel experiences improve their market share by 10% annually.

In short, the companies with the best CX win.

NetLine and ON24 aim to simplify this process and expedite the time it takes for brands to reach the right buyers through webinars and digital experiences.

ON24’s Chief Marketing Officer, Callan Young, acknowledges the challenges modern enterprises face when trying to engage and convert today’s buyers effectively.

“To effectively engage and convert today’s modern buyer, enterprises need to deliver high-value content across multiple digital channels,” Young said. “But, executing an omnichannel strategy takes time and bandwidth that teams today just don’t have.”

With the ON24 and NetLine partnership, these challenges are addressed head-on.

How This Partnership Empowers B2B Marketers

So, what can B2B marketers expect from this powerful collaboration? Here are some key highlights:

  1. Expanded Audience Reach
    • B2B marketers can now promote upcoming webinars and digital events through content syndication, reaching a broader audience and increasing visibility.
  2. Improved Lead Quality
    • Thanks to NetLine’s extensive targeting features, clients can reach specific audiences by location, industry, job level, job area, and more. Powered by first-party data, this partnership ensures your leads are more relevant and valuable.
  3. Streamlined Processes
    • ON24 and NetLine provide a direct integration with CRM and marketing automation platforms, simplifying lead flow management and enhancing overall efficiency.
  4. Content Repurposing
    • Marketers can repurpose content by promoting on-demand webinars and other assets to new audiences, maximizing the value of their existing materials.
  5. Maximized ROI
    • Distributing content across a network of media publications allows marketers to improve their cost-per-lead and enhance their return on investment.

First-Party Data: The Key to Expedited Deals

As mentioned, this partnership provides customers with access to first-party data.

Thanks to naturally being closer to a buyer’s desires, first-party data is a valuable asset that can expedite deal closure and drive meaningful results for businesses.

David Fortino, NetLine’s Chief Strategy Officer, emphasized the power of combining NetLine’s robust content syndication network with ON24’s digital engagement platform.

“We are equipping our customers with access to first-party data that can expedite deals,” Fortino said. “This powerful combination will be a game-changer for marketers, enabling them to provide their audiences with highly relevant content and drive meaningful results for their businesses.”

Accelerate Your B2B Marketing Through this Partnership

In a world where B2B marketing success is measured by the ability to engage and convert the whole buyer effectively, the ON24 and NetLine partnership is a sanctuary from the black hole of modern marketing.

It empowers B2B marketers with the tools they need to deliver highly relevant content, streamline processes, and achieve remarkable results.

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, ON24 and NetLine stand ready to help B2B marketers supercharge their reach and ROI, ultimately advancing their success in the competitive world of enterprise marketing.

For more information on our partnership, please visit our Newsroom.