Introducing INTENTIVE: B2B’s First and Only True Buyer-Level Intent Platform

Since 1994, NetLine has processed billions of first-party data points as business leaders around the world engaged with content to make better-informed decisions. 

Yet, despite what we’ve delivered, we knew there was more out there.

Specifically, your buyers.

Your Buyers Are Out There

With nearly 15k+ pieces of content on the platform, a given customer’s assets usually account for 0.03% of all content. For years, our clients gladly worked with us to source first-party leads that specifically engaged with their own content.

The reality, however, is that 99% of their ICP were engaging with content on our platform—they just weren’t engaging with their content. 

They were missing nearly all of their buyer’s journey…

But not anymore.

Welcome INTENTIVE: The Next Frontier of Buyer-Level Intent Insights

Today, we’ve launched INTENTIVE—a revolutionary product we believe will change the way B2B organizations identify and approach buyers.

Through INTENTIVE, you’ll be able to turn those Unidentified Future Opportunities into known buyer-level identities.


INTENTIVE is the only buyer-level intent platform delivering real-time insights into “who” is actively expressing intent in an account, “what” actions that person is taking, “when” those actions took place, and uniquely “where” those actions occurred.

INTENTIVE is uniquely powered by first-party data, offers buyer-level transparency, and exclusively blends online and offline Event Intent data. 

Why Does INTENTIVE Matter for Today’s B2B Organizations?

Intent data, specifically buyer-level intent data, matters because it provides a path toward understanding the needs and timelines of your prospective buyers.

For years, marketers and sales reps have struggled to consistently and successfully identify and engage the right prospects from in-market accounts. Intent data promised to simplify or even solve this issue.

INTENTIVE’s buyer-level focus delivers on these promises, solving a multitude of challenges for businesses in one fell swoop.

How is INTENTIVE different from existing intent solutions?

Ultimately, INTENTIVE separates itself from other intent-based solutions by focusing primarily on genuine buyer-level intent data

Existing intent solutions target and report on account-level intent. Many of these solutions and vendors also obfuscate their offerings, stating they provide buyer intent when truly they do not. In fact, they’re merely insights around a specific account,  providing you no transparency into who is actively exhibiting that intent and or partaking in the precise activities you’re most interested in.

Perhaps the greatest issue with these existing solutions happens to be that they’re designed to capture intent-based on one unique touch point: Pageviews.

Pageviews Offer Minimal Intent Value

The basis for 99.9% of all intent data on the market comes directly from pageviews. Sans INTENTIVE, these solutions curate these data sets based upon this behavior, which lasts seconds, if not milliseconds, long.

These pageviews are then referenced against historical baselines at the IP address and company domain. Effectively, every single existing intent vendor (thanks in large part to Bombora’s mostly commodified status sets) offers the same level of insights as their competitors.

Buyer Confirmed Projects

For years, NetLine has been capturing intent data from real users about if and when they might be in-market for different solutions. We’ve captured custom, intent-rich, customer-specific insights directly from prospects, resulting in more efficient capitalization connecting the dots to who is in-market. This activity is mined on a real-time basis and intercepted once a buyer has met or exceeded each element required to define intent.

What Does INTENTIVE Report On?

INTENTIVE currently recognizes and reports on billions of data points, including:

  • 285 District Event Activity Types 
  • 11K+ Intent Topics
  • 329K Intent Keywords
  • 247 Industries
  • 37M+ Persona Filtering Attributes
  • 100M Offline Activities via Informa Events

How Does INTENTIVE Source its Data?
Long before first-party data was cool, one-to-one data was NetLine’s focus. Our fully-permissioned and voluntarily-provided user data is the bedrock of INTENTIVE, but that’s not all this incredible product is housing.

  • The NetLine Platform

    • The foundation of everything NetLine does finds its way back to our first-party content registrations. With more than 200+ formats, INTENTIVE leverages data directly from the global content consumption behavior occurring across our platform.
  • Informa
    • Event Intent: The largest owner and operator of physical events in the world, not to mention our parent company, Informa, delivers 500+ B2B events each year. Not only will these events simply bring together buyers, sellers, and decision-makers in one place and time, they power some of the most intriguing intent signals found within INTENTIVEa feature we call Event Intent.
    • Content Consumption: Covering more than 3,000 unique areas of interest and supported by thousands of industry experts, Informa operates an all-star brand portfolio featuring marque names like Black Hat, Content Marketing Institute, Dark Reading, and IndustryDive, the company boasts more than two billion monthly interactions from B2B professionals.

As INTENTIVE evolves, more data points are likely to be added.

How Can INTENTIVE Be Used?

INTENTIVE’s primary function is to accelerate sales outcomes by making buyer-level intent data actionable. 

Specifically, NetLine sees four use cases where the product can provide real value:

GROWTH The primary use case for INTENTIVE is to advance revenue growth for your business. There are three specific functions in the platform that power this use case. Buyer Discovery: Identify WHO is actively expressing intent within a given account
Buyer Monitoring: Load your existing account list and know precisely what those accounts are doing and WHO within the accounts are expressing intent
Buyer Prioritization: Leverage real-time learnings to optimize initial outreach, fine-tune context on discovery calls, and prioritize in-market buyers
ACTION In order to progress with anything, we must take action. When combined with NetLine’s Portal, INTENTIVE’s extensive buyer-level insights and datasets become a powerful dynamic duo. Data Activation: Closed-loop informed content-centric lead gen campaigns.
Real-time Insights: Delivery of trending buyers via email notifications and companion Salesforce app.
RETENTION Even if you’re confident your clients are happy, it pays to conduct competitive research.

After all, research conducted by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company shows increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. Regardless of the economy’s health, retaining customers is extremely valuable. 

Customer Behavior Observation: Identify if/when they are engaging with competitive brands. 
Personalize Existing Outreach: Leverage insights from buyer behavior occurring outside of your products and customer touchpoints.
Cross-Sell/Upsell: Identifying client research on related services helps tailor cross-selling or up-selling offers accordingly.
COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE Keeping an eye on the competition is always a good idea…especially when you know they’re snooping around or trying to poach your clients. Monitor Competitor’s Accounts: Understand what individuals are doing to identify strategic initiatives.


We’ve highlighted a number of aspects of this remarkable tool. Before we wrap up, let’s talk about how the two primary user departments can expect to put these features to good use.

How Can Sales Best Use INTENTIVE?

Buyer-level intent data is the most actionable information available for sales professionals.

Just as intent data can help you identify and prioritize accounts in your ABM endeavors, the same process can be applied to buyers that are actively researching or considering your products or services. 

Save Time & Save Money
Spray and pray can go away.

By targeting in-market buyers who have exhibited intent signals, your marketing and sales efforts immediately become more effective and better received.

NetLIne’s own sales reps estimate that INTENTIVE saves them roughly an entire day’s worth of work each week.

What could you and/or your sales team do with an extra day to sell?

Improve Lead Quality
By reaching out to prospects who are already interested in what you have to offer, you’ll have smoother discovery calls and have conversations with professionals who actually look forward to hearing from you.

Increase Close Rates
Trust is everything. INTENTIVE provides the information necessary to create more personalized and relevant messages, enhancing your level of trustworthiness.

Because buyer-level intent data gives you a detailed view into a prospect’s priorities, challenges, and timelines, you’ll also know precisely how to help.

How Can Marketers Best Use INTENTIVE?

Marketers might find the information found within INTENTIVE quite disruptivein a good way.

Identify Your Prospects
Buyer-level intent data enables you to identify exactly who is consuming content, attending events, and offers a transparent lens into your whole buyer’s journey. These insights will help identify what is of interest and, more specifically, share who is interested.

Target More Effectively
Knowing precisely who to reach is quite freeing. You’ll save countless hours researching, executing, and optimizing—not to mention the money saved.

Engage More Successfully
A direct benefit of refined targeting is increased engagement. Whether we’re talking improved ABM or email lists, social media ads, or making a sales call, reaching out to prospects with messages that are relevant to their needs makes things infinitely easier.

These insights found within the product aren’t meant to remain in a pretty report. These insights need to be actioned and put to use by Sales and Marketing. NetLine can help you take the first step by running extremely targeted lead gen campaigns powered by the insights INTENTIVE has brought to life.

For instance, if INTENTIVE recognizes the individuals showing intent, NetLine can help a client reach these people to convert the Persona to an actual Person that consumed their content.

Seeing is Believing

INTENTIVE aspires to do something differentand arguably far better and far more actionable.

There’s plenty more to explore through this tool and we’ll bring you more in the not-too-distant future.

Ready to see the proof? B2B marketers and revenue team leaders are welcome to join the INTENTIVE waitlist to kick off their free 14-day trial. See for yourself exactly why UFOs are only the start of understanding the whole buyer’s journey.