Marketer Showcase: Peter Tarrant of Tipalti

Input and expertise from B2B Marketing leaders is invaluable. Between content marketing’s constant noise and the explosion of martech options, it’s helpful to simplify what actually translates to successful lead generation. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest Marketer in the Showcase.

As the ABM Manager of Tipalti, Peter Tarrant understands what it takes to engage prospects and convert them into net-new leads. From discussing key strategies, targeting the right professionals, and learning to keep their tactics creative, he gives us the inside scoop on what’s working in B2B Marketing.

Let’s dig in!

How does Content Marketing fit into your overall marketing strategy? 

Selling to finance decision makers at companies within dozens of niche industries with a variety of payments use cases requires us to have a ton of content. We have case studies, whitepapers, and ebooks that are relevant to each of our industries and are working to make them even more bite sized.

What are your top performing pieces over the past year and what are the KPIs used to measure performance of those assets? 

Our top performing pieces are the ones with a captivating title that can address a large portion of our target audiences. KPIs revolve around getting converted leads at accounts that fit our core criteria. With our rebranding, we had a great opportunity to adapt our content to be more approachable so I’m excited to see the results.

How has content marketing evolved over the past few years? 

There is so much noise and brands competing for views that headlines and content needs to prove value and be compelling for the viewer to download. Instead of whitepapers and eBooks, people want to be told a compelling story in bite sized formats.

How do you use NetLine as part of an overall strategy? 

NetLine is one of our largest sources of generating net new core leads. We are able to segment our content by sub-industry and target very effectively.

In addition to using NetLine, what are your other strategies for lead generation? 

I also manage our targeted display and social advertising. There are numerous other strategies across our demand generation team that we really have it all covered. Direct Mail also falls under my responsibilities and I love the personalization capabilities there.

What led you to using NetLine and how has content syndication affected your approach to lead generation? 

NetLine’s ability to target based on our niche industries and ideal persona made it an easy decision! Not many vendors are able to target outside of the standard industries which lead to many unqualified leads.

Describe the normal path a lead follows once it has been captured via one of your gated assets. 

Sent to our inbound SDR team. They personalize their outreach based on the piece of content that was downloaded. The majority of leads passed to sales become accounts and contacts in CRM.

Of all the marketing approaches available, which one has staying power in your strategy? 

Direct Mail since it is a great way to be creative and personal while eliciting a response for a sales rep when the traditional calls and emails do not get a response. Since Direct Mail vendors also offer eGift options, the variability has staying power.

Any words of wisdom to share with your marketing peers? 

Diversify your marketing channels while eliminating redundancies. No need to have multiple tools that have some of the same benefits but make sure you have all necessary marketing channels covered. Also, throw things against the wall and see what sticks!

In your marketing career, what has been your greatest marketing success? Why? 

Becoming a thought leader in the ABM field and companies wanting me to represent them on panels, webinars, and speaking engagements! I am looking to launch an ABM blog in the next few months.

Describe your workspace. 

Open floor plan – I’m walking over to bug the sales teams a few times per day. Good snacks and coffee! But now (in Quarantine) I have a home office in my bedroom that overlooks a busy street in San Francisco so the people standing in line for the market below get to hear my great music.

What productivity tech/app do you rely on the most? 

Google Calendar!

Who are your greatest marketing influences? 

Craig Rosenberg – Chief Analyst, TOPO

Coffee or tea? 

Coffee in the AM and the occasional Tea in the PM

When are you at your best? 

When I have some good music playing, post-coffee, just in the zone! Need to be around productive people whose energy I can feed off!

About Tipalti:

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