How to Guarantee Your Vendors Aren’t Selling You Empty Promises

What does it take to properly qualify a lead generation vendor? 

We’ve talked about how to find the best B2B vendor before, but when it comes to demand gen, there’s an entirely different set of questions that need to be asked (although The 6 C’s of Vendor Evaluation are quite relevant in this conversation).

To help B2B organizations solve this quandary, we’ve developed a resource that helps you tackle your toughest marketing challenge: generating first-party sourced and fully permissioned leads.

[ Download 20 Questions to Ask Your B2B Lead Gen Vendor ]

Here’s a peak around what you’ll find inside:

What You Need to Find the Right Lead Generation Vendor

As we shared in Caught in the Cookie Jar, Google is phasing-out third-party cookie tracking, meaning that traditional digital advertising is in for a rude awakening. The best way to prepare for this change is to focus on first-party data.

However, when it comes to generating first-party sourced and fully permissioned leads, there’s even more on the line. 

How can you be assured that you’re not seeing smoke and mirrors?

20 Questions to Ask Your Potential Demand Gen Vendor

Imagine you’re in the process of vetting your next lead generation vendor. There’s a handful of questions you already know you want to ask (like how do you source your leads?), but you want to make sure you’re covering the bases. 

You want to ask them tough questions about how they source data, maintain consent/compliance, and support your needs beyond just manual/human intervention.

Great vendors will look you in the eye and tell the truth about their products and services.

The best vendors will do all of that and give you the answers you’re looking for. 

While you’ll likely feel comfortable with both of these types of vendors, only one is going to be able to deliver on the results you’re after. The exhaustion of discerning value from vapor is real but completely worthwhile.

By using this comprehensive list of questions, you’ll be able to thoroughly examine how your vendors:

  • Actually source and capture leads to ensure it’s first-party data
  • Maintain consent and compliance with the ever-evolving data regulations
  • Support your needs beyond human intervention

Make sure your vendors aren’t selling you empty promises! This Vendor Verification resource will help you hold them accountable and ensure you don’t waste time or money.

[ Download 20 Questions to Ask Your B2B Lead Gen Vendor ]