How to Embrace Marketing Unknowns

What happens when you simply don’t know the answer? 

Is it game over? Will you be fired? Are you going to be shunned from the industry forever?

No, of course not. 

In the world of marketing, there will be times when you, your team, and the data you have at your disposal simply won’t be enough, leaving you grasping at straws.

But just because you can’t know everything doesn’t mean that you can’t cover all your bases.

How Content Syndication Improves Organizational Knowledge

At the end of 2020, Brandon Redlinger from the ABM Leadership Alliance interviewed Nick Robinson, Director of Digital Marketing for SAP North America, and our own Chief Strategy Officer, David Fortino, to better understand the critical role content syndication plays throughout the buyer’s journey.

In the piece, Conquering the Unknown with Syndication – ABM NOW Issue #6, Nick and David discuss the influence of content syndication on ABM (Account-Based Marketing) and their marketing as a whole.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in the blog:

Content syndication is air cover

Nick Robinson:

“In North America, our biggest source of revenue is from roughly 11,000 companies. That’s not a huge addressable market, so we need partners who are highly targeted and can match against specific account sets and specific buying groups within those accounts. … For all that, you need scale, and you need a network and partner like NetLine that can reach those audiences in the right way.”

David Fortino:

“We reach people where they’re already researching and buying with high-quality content our customers create and make matches. If B2B marketers think of NetLine as one thing, it’s a way to repurpose their existing content to drive pipeline.”

The point of content marketing is to make your other marketing better

Nick Robinson:

“We’ve seen that five people will download an asset but they aren’t the person who’ll engage with sales. And that’s okay. The role of the tactic is educating that buying group, whoever they are, wherever they are. Not everyone who reads becomes a lead, but they can be a hidden influencer.”

David Fortino:

“One of our initiatives in this new year is helping to educate marketers accustomed to direct lead-generation tactics that not everyone who engages should talk to sales. That interaction could be simply informational and the question is, what signals can you decipher from it? How do you help them self-educate if that’s what they want?”

Conquer the Unknown

The rest of the insights David and Nick shared can be found on the ABMLA blog, which we highly encourage you to check out beyond this post.

Read Conquering the Unknown with Syndication – ABM NOW Issue #6 here.