[Webinar]: How to Create Content That’s Engaging, Shareable, and Delivers ROI

Influence & Co. NetLine Corporation Webinar 2018

We’re joining up with Influence & Co. on August 23rd to give you the whole enchilada, the total package, the whole nine yards (whew, ok) of content marketing best practices. From content creation and publication, to using precision amplification strategies that maximize lead generation – this webinar is for B2B marketers using content to drive demand. Making a NetLine Blog cameo, Natalie Slyman, Director of Content & Social Media at Influence & Co., digs deeper into what’s in store. (Already pumped and ready to register? Here you go: Register)

People creating written content as part of their company’s content marketing efforts share the same basic goal: You want the content you’re creating to be useful, and you want your investment in it to pay off.

You want your audience members to discover, consume, enjoy, and share this content with others and for them to keep coming back to you for more. Over time, the goal is to produce amazing content consistently enough that you’re able to build trust with your audiences and show them they can rely on your brand for resources, education, and even services down the road.

Unfortunately, the biggest struggle for 61% of marketers around the world is generating traffic and leads.

Now, when diving into why this is and how to address it, we’ve got to start from the beginning: at the content creation process. Readers will not become a lead (or even a site visitor) if you don’t put in the time, effort, and elbow grease required into making high-quality, engaging, and resourceful content.

If you want to see real ROI, you have to understand your audiences, where and how to reach them, and how to create great content — and that’s exactly what Natalie Stezovsky, VP at Influence & Co., and David Fortino, SVP of Audience and Product at NetLine Corporation, will be discussing on a webinar on Aug. 23.

They’ll share some critical data points from Influence & Co.’s “The State of Digital Media” and NetLine’s “2018 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report for Marketers.” And with all the data you need in hand, they’ll break down the steps necessary for creating high-quality content that works for your goals.

They’ll cover things like:

Creating a content marketing strategy

  • Understanding your audience
  • How to pitch online editors
  • How to use smarter targeting based on behavior preferences to initiate or revive your B2B content strategy
  • And more!

We hope you’ll join us for an exciting discussion, complete with actionable tips for you and your marketing team to implement right away. We’ll also include some resources to help you pull it all off.

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Natalie Slyman is the director of content and social media at Influence & Co. She loves telling stories, cooking, and her two cats, Roxanne and Priscilla.