[WEBINAR] Accelerating the Buyer’s Journey: Reveal Intent With Content at the Point of Engagement

Webinar: Influence & Co. and NetLine on 2/21

We’re gearing up for another compelling webinar with our friends and content-gurus at Influence & Co! This time, we’re digging into the content and tools B2B marketers need to accelerate the buyer’s journey and how to do it in a way that maximizes intent signals garnered from content. To share more details about what marketers will gain by attending the webinar, Natalie Slyman, Director of Content & Social Media at Influence & Co., is making a cameo on the NetLine blog. If you just can’t wait and want to register right now, here’s your link: Register).


When looking at the buyer’s journey, you can probably agree that there is no specific amount of time leads should spend at each stage. Every lead is different, and how long the journey takes can depend on who the traveler is.

However, most of us can agree that finding ways to speed up the process is in our best interest. The more leads that go from awareness to consideration to customer, the better for the company’s bottom line. We need to accelerate this process in a way that is helpful, knowledgeable, and doesn’t appear pushy. That may be the biggest conundrum of all.

But it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve all been there. Nothing is worse than when a once-engaged lead simply loses interest in our brand, leaving us to question why. The truth is, this happens most often when we aren’t doing our part to address the specific questions or concerns of those leads. It all starts with ensuring leads are fully engaged at each stage and that we’re using content at that stage appropriately.

A lead lost is a lead lost, and after a while, that one can turn into 50 — which is the last thing you need. That’s why you should join us for our upcoming webinar, “Accelerating the Buyer’s Journey: Reveal Intent with Content at the Point of Engagement,” on Feb. 21 at 1 p.m. EST | 12 p.m. CST. Natalie Stezovsky, VP at Influence & Co., and David Fortino, SVP of Audience and Product at NetLine Corporation, are teaming up again to provide you with helpful tips for creating content and to show how it can help you move leads through the buyer’s journey more quickly.

They’ll cover things like:

  • The importance of sales enablement content
  • Content creation best practices
  • How to use content at each stage of the buyer’s journey
  • How to maximize opportunities that result from that content
  • How to accelerate the buyer’s journey from a single campaign

Be sure to register for this exciting webinar, which will offer great new tips for accelerating the buyer’s journey and creating content with sales in mind. Save your spot by registering today!

Natalie Slyman is the director of content and social media at Influence & Co. She loves telling stories, cooking, and her two cats, Roxanne and Priscilla.