The Future of B2B Lead Gen Has Arrived

B2B Marketers have a problem. 

This problem affects you, your business, and your clients. The sad part is you may not even know about it.

This problem has nothing to do with you. This problem is an error within B2B lead gen and how it’s been presented to you—and it’s been throttling your business’s potential for decades.

The Problem with B2B Lead Gen

Regardless of industry, digital media and digital acquisition has been purchased through open, bid-based marketplaces for nearly two decades. Marketers, specifically Digital Marketers, are quite familiar with buying media in open marketplaces; PPC, Social, SEM, SEO, and now even television media, can be purchased digitally, in real-time. In this market-driven, competitively-priced space, Google and Facebook are the 10,000-pound gorillas in the room, setting the tone for how others are expected to play. 

And yet, somehow, the B2B lead gen space has been operating against this trend for nearly the same length of time. 

For years, B2B lead gen vendors have forced Marketers to play by the same pricing rules, regardless of their needs, budget, buyer’s journey, or goals. Companies have always set the price and not allowed market demand to enter into the equation. The cost was the cost, whether it worked for you or not. When you think about it, your brand’s needs have never truly been considered.

While we’ve done a great deal of work to Democratize B2B Lead Gen in the past, NetLine has been part of this problem, too. 

That changes today. 

Introducing the Open B2B Lead Gen Marketplace

This morning, February 2, 2021, NetLine launched the open B2B lead gen marketplace—the first and only real-time bidding marketplace where Marketers can purchase B2B leads on their own terms. 

Through open bidding and needs-based pricing, the open marketplace will enable Marketers—from companies of all shapes and sizes, managing campaigns big and small—to take control of their own success in real-time. Instead of altering your budgets and campaigns to fit the platform’s needs, the platform will respond to you and your needs. As our Chief Strategy Officer, David Fortino, sees it, “bidding is the natural progression of B2B Demand Gen.” 

“With the open marketplace’s self-service model, we’ve made B2B lead acquisition more efficient, more cost-effective, and easier than it ever has been. NetLine has really taken that next step and focused on Democratizing Lead Gen.”

This update to our Portal—where more than 8,000 customers already use our self-service interface to launch first-party centric campaigns within minutes—allows NetLine to continue to reshape the B2B demand gen market. The open B2B lead gen marketplace offers access to the largest source of 1st party generated, fully permissioned, content-centric leads on a performance basis for every Marketer.

Finally, we can truly say that B2B Lead Gen has now been democratized for everyone.

Power to the People

We know you and your peers have been frustrated by other B2B lead generation platforms in the past. With this launch, you—the B2B Marketer—now have far greater control over every aspect of your Lead Gen campaigns. This control extends to your targets, filters, tolerances, and even what you’re comfortable paying per lead. 

While we already have more than 8,000 customers already using our self-service interface to launch first-party centric campaigns within minutes, we’re fully expecting the open B2B lead gen marketplace to have a massive impact on the overall B2B marketing landscape. 

The open marketplace immediately enables you to customize your lead gen campaigns—from targeting, filters, tolerances, and even CPL overrides—meaning you’ll be able to better predict your lead quality and volume. Not to mention, each lead will be generated via the largest source of first-party, fully permissioned, content-centric leads on the web.

By enabling our clients to manage these settings independently, B2B Marketers will now have even more say in their competitive share of voice. We’re thrilled to be able to bring this level of control to you.

The open B2B lead gen marketplace is available to any B2B organizations with published content in nearly any format. To learn more about the open marketplace, please visit the NetLine Portal.