What’s New for 2019: NetLine’s Programmatic and Full Funnel Acceleration Solutions

Programmatic and Full Funnel Acceleration - NetLine

As 2018 winds to a close, we’re gearing up for some exciting news.

Since we’re feeling spirited and just a bit impatient, we are serving up a sneak peek – a VIP/early-bird preview of two new products that will help marketers advance their demand generation strategies.

As our awesome customers know, we solicit for, and review, feedback constantly. Before, during, and after campaigns, we’re accepting feedback and providing guidance along the way to ensure that each objective is being met. With that feedback, our clients actively contribute to shaping our product road map – any time we see an opportunity to transform viable suggestions into an update or new product, our team gets to work.

From an outside perspective, the constant expansion of the martech landscape offers affirmation of where our customers are headed and what they expect of their marketing technology partners. Thanks to our position in the marketplace, and the scale of our network, we’re sitting on a massive collection of in-market opportunities aligned with prospect research insights that are compounding every minute. We *literally* process 19 content-based research inquiries – leads – every minute across our platform. That equates to a treasure trove of insights.

Announcing NetLine’s Programmatic Solution

What is NetLine’s Programmatic Solution?

This product emerged from our very obvious sweet spot – first party data captured via gated B2B content consumption. We know that the best marketers aren’t using just a single solution to drive their lead generation strategy. They’re targeting leads across the web, far beyond the boundaries of NetLine.

By partnering with LiveRamp, we’re now offering the ability to integrate our first-party data into multi-channel marketing tactics. This means that our data is available to provide more comprehensive, intent-based insights into the audiences that marketers are seeking to target and convert.

For example, we’re capturing data on users like Directors of Finance at company sizes of 10,000+ who are downloading guides and manuals on specific software. This granular, intent-based data is a portrait of the type of lead who is actively researching a specific solution – incorporated with other insights, this becomes part of a persona that marketers can leverage across inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

Announcing NetLine’s Full Funnel Acceleration

What is Full Funnel Acceleration?

With this solution, marketers can capture in-market prospects with greater confidence as professionals are actively researching their products or services. “Acceleration” speaks to the capability to speed up the buyer’s journey, or the discovery thereof. Employing a series of questions after a lead downloads content, the FFA solution seeks to learn more about the prospect, and provide a full perspective on how ready the person is to make a purchase decision.

Generally, users who are downloading content are already in the top of funnel category – this behavior alone is indicative of some readiness to accept information and start down a path towards additional discovery. FFA simply advances this process by qualifying leads through curated outreach.

In addition to learning about purchase-readiness and buying signals, marketers also stand to increase the shelf-life of their content. For those organizations seeking to get more from their content after months of development, the FFA solution maximizes the impact of their content investment by enhancing the resulting lead quality.

For example, the same Finance Director mentioned earlier consumes content on a particular software solution. He or she is then entered into the FFA funnel sequence, receiving outreach from a representative that will ask a series of questions about the lead’s current wants or needs. This interaction yields information on the lead’s current state of engagement with other products/solutions, and a definitive “ready-to-buy” timeline; “will you be purchasing new software within the next 6 months?”

That’s the kind of information that turns a TOFU lead into a BOFU lead, and one that sales can more confidently pursue. All of this is happening more economically as the result of a single engagement.

See why we’re pumped?

We know that content and data don’t get everyone’s heart pounding, but we’re feeling pretty pumped about what these new solutions deliver. For marketers who haven’t yet used our platform for lead generation and use programmatic strategies, dip your toe into the data that drives our ecosystem; for Marketers looking to quickly develop pipeline, NetLine FFA will help drive engagement with deeper in-funnel prospects. To learn more about each, check out these helpful links:

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