Celebrate! NetLine’s 6th Annual B2B Content Consumption Report Wins Award for Best Research

The Emmys. The Tonys. The Oscars. The Finnys.

It’s Award Season, friends (#AwardSzn), and NetLine has been included in the fun!

Our 6th Annual B2B Content Consumption Report Won a Finny Award

Recently, NetLine presented at B2BMX 2023 and was invited to attend The Killer Content Awards

Demand Gen Report, the host of the event, has held the KCAs since 2012. The event provides an opportunity to celebrate B2B brands that push the envelope, embrace new storytelling methods, formats, and campaign strategies to better engage audiences through their content. 

All-in-all, there were 29 winners in 14 categories…and NetLine happened to be one of these winners! 

Our 2022 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report for Marketers won a Killer Content Award (better known as a Finny) in the Research-Based category. With more than 100 nominees in the field, NetLine won one of two awards being handed out in the category, with Splunk + TechTarget taking home the other prize. 

There to accept the Finny on NetLine’s behalf were Marissa Wolfgang, Senior Marketing Manager, and David Fortino, Chief Strategy Officer. After sharing a bit about our flagship report with those in attendance, David shared his humble thoughts.

“I’m just fortunate enough to represent the brand and run around the rest of the year talking about each report,” he said. “It’s truly our interest and passion turning first-party, buyer-level consumption data into something that helps inform marketers to make better decisions tomorrow.”

The Youtility of NetLine’s Annual Content Consumption Reports

Award aside, the recognition our flagship report received was tremendous. 

Some of the kindest words of congratulations, however, came from B2BMX keynote speaker and KCA Master of Ceremonies, Jay Baer.

“What I love about this Report,” Jay said, following the announcement of NetLine’s win,” and I know this work well (we’ve partnered with NetLine many times at my firm, Convince & Convert)—it’s this idea of generosity and bravery [which Jay spoke about during his B2BMX closing keynote]; I’ve done a lot of research reports in my career, but NetLine’s State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report is the Mack Daddy-Daddy Mack of research reports.”

“It’s gigantic. It is a big dog. It answers every question (a B2B marketer could wish to answer). It is the kind of research that people would expect to pay a whole bunch of money for. And NetLine just gives it away.”

Getting this kind of compliment from a marketing leader like Jay Baer is an incredible thing. Not only is it great hearing it directly from him, face-to-face, but he’s the guy who wrote a book all about this very subject: Youtilty.

As he defines it, “Youtility is massively useful information, provided for free, that creates long-term trust and kinship between your company and your customers.” 

This is precisely what we aspire our State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report for Marketers to be. Indeed, we’d call this a youtility and are pleased to know the man who coined the term agrees.

Reflecting on NetLine’s Award-Winning Consumption Report

After the event, David Fortino continued to reflect on the team’s achievements. 

“We started this report back in 2017 with a simple goal,” he said. “Allow the data to do the talking. As a result, we’d be investing in our future customers by arming them with data today that can be used to make more informed marketing decisions tomorrow. To say that a lot goes into, and rides on, our flagship report would be an understatement.”

Each year, we publish with the intention of making it better than the previous iteration. Our focus is to make the findings impactful, concise, and actionable. 

While earning the attention of our peers is something we hope to earn, certainly, we set out with the goal of improving the circumstances of B2B marketers and professionals across the world. 

We must also share our thanks with the folks who bring this report to life each year: Marissa Wolfgang, Bao Long Liu, Jon Steiert, David Fortino, Dan Frignito, and Chris Kohler. Each of these professionals plays a crucial role in the production of the report which cannot be overlooked. Thank you all so much!

Preparing for NetLine’s 2023 Content Consumption Report

As we prepare for the release of our 2023 Content Consumption Report, we wanted to pause and say thank you to the B2B community. 

Winning an award is fantastic, certainly, but we’re more appreciative that you find our work meaningful. 

We’re eager to get the 7th edition to you and hear what you find most impactful.