12 Reasons Why We Appreciate Being Named a G2 Leader for 3 Straight Years

To be recognized by your customers as a leader in your industry is an honor unto itself. 

To continuously have those same customers say it over and over, quarter after quarter for 3 straight years is almost surreal. 

As unbelievable as it may be, this is indeed the reality we at NetLine find ourselves in. A few weeks ago, we learned that NetLine was once again a G2 Leader in the Lead Capture category for the Fall 2020 Reporting period, making it our 12th consecutive quarter of recognition. 

We explained the significance of the G2 Crowd Report to our business in July, so this time we’ll give a few specific shout outs to some of the folks who have made this possible: employees and clients, alike.

1. “You Like Us, You Really Like Us!”


It sure is nice to be appreciated. Having so many of you share your overwhelmingly positive thoughts about NetLine each quarter is something we will never take for granted.

2. Writing a Review is More Than Writing a Review

Do you know how unlikely it is to receive a review? Think about all the things we get requests for throughout our days and weeks and consider for a moment just how much is asked of each of us. In essence, writing a review is both an endorsement and a commitment: a commitment of time and of support.

Sure, it’s only a few lines and checking a few boxes here and there, but everyone is focused on getting their own things accomplished — and we don’t blame them! That we would get any reviews at all is incredible in the grand scheme of things. To have the consistency and volume that we get each month is remarkable. 

3. Customer Feedback

We ask for it and you share it. Some of the best ideas and augmentations of our core product offerings have roots in the observations of our customers. Just like us, you’re working with the tools every day and see things without the same bias we have. Getting different perspectives on how a tool or feature can be improved is always welcome.

4. Customer Critiques

Look, not everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows and that’s OK. Frankly, if it were, we’d be a bit suspicious. Nothing in this world (especially the tech world) is perfect, but we’ll keep doing our best to get there. Any time you find a problem with the platform or if a protocol doesn’t jive with you, please keep letting us know so we can fix it.

5. Gleaning Insights

Beyond knowing whether a client likes or dislikes something, there are different pieces of information that can be extracted from honest assessment. Some insight might come as a surprise while other evaluations could prompt an update to a current feature. Either way, there’s always more to be discovered outside of general sentiment.

6. The G2 Crowd Report

Customer reviews on their face are wonderful, but if they exist on a random site, no one outside of the company being assessed would pay it much mind. Fortunately, the structure and consistency of G2 Crowd and their quarterly reports provide merit and meaning to real customer feedback. 

Their platform helps millions of B2B professionals make more informed decisions about their in-market options and gives vendors insight into what they need to keep an eye on or where they hold an edge. While we certainly put a lot of effort into being the best in our industry for obvious reasons, the G2 Crowd Quarterly Report has given a boost to our company for the past 3 years. Thanks, gang!

7. Our Client Services Team

Now it’s time to thank our employees in earnest. 


To our Client Services team: you field so many questions each and every day — both internally and externally — and always have the answers. You’re always on top of things and provide the details everyone around your needs. It’s thanks to you that NetLine consistently scores 98 and higher in the Quality of Service category! Humanizing software experiences is a hard ask for anyone yet you make it look easy. 

8. Our Engineering Team

Without you, everything would literally fall apart or not even exist. Thanks for keeping everything in tip-top shape for our clients and for challenging us on the viability and necessity of some of our most ambitious projects.

9. Our Sales Team

From checking in with clients to booking new business, you’re always working to generate new opportunities for NetLine and B2B content marketers. By working so closely with our Support team, you go above and beyond to help maintain our Quality of Service scores. 

10. Our Marketing Team (My Team!) 

We’re fortunate. Not only do we get to amplify our best reviews across the digital landscape, but behind the scenes, we’re working alongside our Sales and Support colleagues to isolate special customer moments and translate them into externally shareable experiences. More often than not, it’s the spontaneous feedback from a customer that informs a role content initiative and progression. 

11. Our Customers

With everything that we’ve shared, let’s be honest: we’d be hard-pressed to say any of this would be possible without you. At a certain point the words “thank you” seem to ring hollow, only because there’s simply nothing better in the English language to express our gratitude and appreciation. So with that in mind:

12. Thank You


We genuinely and obviously couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for everything.