Marketer Increases Content Contribution with Cost-per-Lead Campaigns


Hear one B2B Marketer’s story who found lead generation success when other models failed.

NetLine is truly dedicated to the success of our clients and we love learning more about each marketer’s lead generation journey and path to NetLine. I sat down with Stephanie from PATLive who uses our self-service NetLine Portal to syndicate content and generate leads for their business. It was great to learn more about her experience with the NetLine Portal in comparison to other lead generation vendors and why she chose and continues to use NetLine. I hope you enjoy Stephanie’s story, maybe you can relate?


PATLive offers businesses of all sizes 24/7 answering service solutions with flexible call scripting, fast answer times, and 100% US agents. Stephanie Jones heads up demand generation at PATLive, including content marketing, social media, and other paid advertising campaigns.

Stephanie is tasked with generating leads for their sales team to fill pipeline and her goal is to acquire prospects interested in learning more about their solutions. In the past, Stephanie tried a suite of popular B2B marketing tactics for lead generation. From display advertising campaigns with Adwords, to dedicated publisher mailings, to Outbrain content syndication, to paid social media including LinkedIn and Facebook, Stephanie has tried it all. While Stephanie diversified her approach in testing many vendors, one very specific factor stands out—none of the above tactics are guaranteed to generate leads.


CPM-CPC-Problem_Graph_NetLineAs the demand generation lead at PATLive, Stephanie’s number one goal is to generate leads. Unfortunately, each of the tactics she had applied were not successfully generating the leads she needed, nor were they structured to do so—even though the marketplace deems these as ‘excellent tactics’ for B2B marketers. Each campaign included different pricing models; however, lead volume and quality were not included in the terms. I’ve examined each tactic to highlight the differences:

Outbrain Content Syndication:

  • Pricing Model: pay per click
  • Audience Quality: B2B and B2C
  • Guaranteed Lead Volume: no
  • Guaranteed Lead Quality: no

Adwords Display Advertising:

  • Pricing Model: pay per click or impression
  • Audience Quality: B2B and B2C
  • Guaranteed Lead Volume: no
  • Guaranteed Lead Quality: no

LinkedIn Lead Gen and Sponsored Posts:

  • Pricing Model: pay per click or impression
  • Audience Quality: B2B and B2C
  • Guaranteed Lead Volume: no
  • Guaranteed Lead Quality: no

Publisher Email Sponsorship/Ads:

  • Pricing Model: flat rate per mailing
  • Audience Quality: unknown
  • Guaranteed Lead Volume: no
  • Guaranteed Lead Quality: no

Stephanie explained her experience working with each of these vendors/solutions. “Outbrain is good for general awareness purposes via impressions.” But Outbrain did not deliver on her lead goals. Flat rate email programs all ended up being a ‘flop’ according to Stephanie, no leads. Regarding LinkedIn, Stephanie said, “I haven’t had any luck and it’s really expensive.” Stephanie was running really expensive ‘lead generation’ campaigns with LinkedIn with no guarantee of actually generating leads after depleting her entire campaign budget.


NetLine-Portal_Lead-FiltersAfter trying many different tactics and vendors that had be touted in the marketplace as ‘top solutions’, Stephanie discovered the NetLine Portal. Firstly, it was important that she could find a solution that would allow her to run small budget campaigns to test and pilot new programs to see what works for their organization. Stephanie already had several eBooks and white papers that she had tested with other vendors, so she was ready to launch a content syndication program right away. Like most of the other vendors, Stephanie liked that the NetLine Portal was a self-service solution, she was not in need of enterprise-level campaign management. In comparison to the other vendors, here’s how the NetLine Portal differs:

NetLine Portal Content Syndication Lead Generation:

  • Pricing Model: cost-per-lead (starting at $9)
  • Audience Quality: B2B only
  • Guaranteed Lead Volume: yes
  • Guaranteed Lead Quality: yes*
    *lead filters include: job level, job area, job function, company size, industry, sub-industry, country (and individual United States). Along with account-based marketing, account suppression, and business email address filter.

In further examination of the portal, Stephanie shared:

“Before NetLine, we had issues paying for poor quality leads, but NetLine’s leads do not disappoint. The NetLine Portal has proven to be a great way to generate targeted leads.”

Stephanie also found that the portal was easy to use. Setting up a campaign includes 10 steps, from adding your content, selecting lead filters, scoring, fulfillment, lead volume and budget, and campaign schedule that can be completed in 10-15 minutes. Stephanie likes the fact that she can launch campaigns as needed directly in the portal and her ‘leads are quickly generated each month’ for her to deliver immediately to the sales team for follow-up. Stephanie shared the impact it has had on their follow-up process:

“I’ve found that the leads generated via our NetLine content syndication campaigns are warmer, and these prospects are more interested in learning about the PATLive solutions than leads from other vendors.”


Stephanie has completed 6 campaigns this year and generated hundreds of leads for PATLive. She continues to find great success with guaranteed risk-free lead delivery and the overall quality of NetLine’s leads. We are very thankful to Stephanie for sharing her story and perspective as a B2B marketer, along with her journey to NetLine.


Meeting your lead generation goals doesn’t need to be such a risk every month or quarter. Running targeted content syndication campaigns with the NetLine Portal empowers you to acquire the right leads and the right volume you need to be successful. We highly recommend you check it out, campaigns start at only $9 per lead. Watch the ‘How It Works‘ video to learn more.

Until next time marketers, just remember successful B2B marketers start with NetLine.

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