How to Gain More Lead Generation Opportunities from Your Campaigns

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B2B marketers using the NetLine Portal for content syndication lead generation are already using the robust reporting and real-time data to optimize campaigns. Not to be ones to rest on our laurels, we’re excited to share some best practices and new updates that make it even easier to assess and enhance your NetLine campaign performance.

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Rejection Doesn’t Always Have to Hurt

Rejected leads can be hidden gems or gateways to access other target influencers in an organization. In the Portal, this means taking a deeper dive into the Rejected Leads to investigate potential missed opportunities to influence a larger buying committee. If a Marketing Manager didn’t meet your campaign filters, (Director and above, for example), there’s a good chance this engaged individual has some influence over what products or solutions are presented to upper management/executives. By doing some research and a bit of extra digging on the organizational structure, you may be surprised by how many leads you Salvage.

An understated feature of the Portal, Salvage reinstates rejected leads as good leads and can help marketers gain entry into an organization or optimize campaign filters. Perhaps this person didn’t meet the precise campaign filters, but in some cases, who’s to say that this highly engaged individual isn’t sharing your content with a Director or above?

New! Report Builder

Have you ever wanted to compare and contrast different campaigns to see which content is resonating and with whom? Perhaps you’re curious if an on-demand webinar is more enticing than the whitepaper companion of the same content? With a few clicks in the Report Builder tab under Reports in the Portal, you can now select up to eight campaigns to merge into a single view.

From there, use the branding and link sharing features to add a company logo and share a web report with colleagues, partners, or clients who may not have access to your Portal account. Still enjoy a download? Quickly export your branded report to an Excel file.

Having Report Builder in your toolkit means that you can quickly draw comparisons on performance, learn about the leads coming in from each campaign and make more informed updates to get the most out of each campaign. It’s a quantitative approach to content syndication that will help you smartly manage budget and get the most ROI possible from your campaigns.

Marketers, Exhale

With these enhancements and best practices in the Portal, marketers can easily overcome common barriers to success. Reports are critical in lead generation campaigns as stakeholders and clients alike want to know where their dollars are being spent and how pipeline is being developed. Instead of the pervasive fear of accountability, we offer our customers complete transparency and customizability so that every marketer has the capability to control outcomes.

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