How the Lead Management Platform Centralizes B2B Lead Gen

After years of iterating with our Publisher Management Platform and a year of preparation specific to this launch, NetLine is pleased to introduce the B2B Marketing world to our Lead Management Platform: A SaaS solution offering B2B Marketers centralized lead capture, qualification, routing, analytics, and companion content amplification campaign capabilities within one simple to use and self-service interface. 

The platform furthers NetLine’s goal of democratizing lead gen for all, enabling B2B Marketers to turn their current website traffic into revenue-based outcomes, streamlining their lead capture, lead management, and content amplification programs within one tool.  

How NetLine’s Lead Management Platform Works

Upon creating their account, Marketers will be able to take advantage of a number of distinct, NetLine-exclusive advantages. 

Unified and Predictive Login

If you didn’t need to type your name and other basic pieces of info into a form that you were eager to complete—and we mean zero typing, by the way—how much happier would you be? Well, considering that more than 70% of audiences are immediately recognized by our Predictive Forms, most users will only need to complete 5-7 fields—that’s a 60% reduction in typing vs. traditional and non-predictive forms. 

This innovation represents the industry’s only first-party user authentication solution.

After a user is recognized, our password-less and unified login registration tech goes to work and allows for a frictionless content registration experience and near-instant content accessibility. Users benefit from less typing and Marketers benefit by increasing their conversions. 

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Real-time & interactive campaign reports offer insights into campaign performance, content resonance, and persona engagement. Interactive visualization tools, such as dynamic pivot tables, heatmaps, and custom configurations offer a new level of transparency into content consumption behavior that helps improve campaign performance, faster.  

Real-Time Connectors

Within minutes, Marketers can leverage thousands of 3rd party integration possibilities, including easy, ready-to-use connectors with Salesforce, ON24, HubSpot, and Marketo, to ensure that leads generated by their content can seamlessly enter the nurture path and/or sales cycle.  

On-demand Scale

Sometimes you need help. Sometimes you need epic reach beyond your own site. Sometimes you just need to reach the professionals in a very niche industry. Whatever your goals are, B2B Marketers can tap into incremental scale and amplify their content to reach their preferred target audiences—all within their own individual budgets—within a matter of minutes.

Open Auction CPL Pricing

As we introduced with our Open B2B Lead Gen Marketplace, NetLine equips B2B Marketers with immediate access to the largest volume of content-generated B2B buyer-level data on the web where more than 700k first-party leads are generated across more than 300 industries each month. 

With these additions to the platform, you’ll gain access to all of these features without ever needing any IOs, negotiations, or phone calls. Simply convert native content, add budget, and select your targeting.

Content Format Agnostic 

No matter what type of content you’re uploading to drive your campaigns, your users will only be served one common form across every type of gated content format—including webinars and virtual experiences.

Simplify and consolidate all legacy form solutions to a common experience for your audience, and more importantly a common data structure with far richer user profiles. Plus, the platform offers everything from basic themes to fully white-labeled user experiences emulating exact site templates. Whatever you need, the platform has a solution for every need.  

Flexible Plans for Every Marketer

Our Lead Management Platform was designed with democratization in mind. As such, we wanted to make sure that we offered plans that would accommodate as many Marketers as possible with plans ranging from Free to $199 per month depending on the needs of the Marketer.  

At a time when first-party data capture is a top priority for Marketers, we’re thrilled to be able to offer a platform not only focused on making this attainable for B2B organizations but also proud to be offering tremendous value at a competitive price point.

Why B2B Marketers Should Use the Lead Management Platform

Before opening the platform to Marketers, NetLine’s Lead Management Platform had been reserved exclusively for the best B2B media organizations in the world. What B2B Marketers should take comfort in knowing is that they will be instantly tapping into an established and proven product—one B2B Publishers have been reaping the benefits from for years.

Publishers regularly achieve some outstanding outcomes through the platform, including increasing conversions and generating richer first-party data as a means of accelerating Sales dialogue. Aside from seeing a strong return on your investment, the Lead Management Platform allows B2B Marketers to decrease their overall investment at the start. 

As our Chief Strategy Officer, David Fortino said, B2B Marketers needed at least a handful of technologies to run their lead gen programs before today. “They needed software to capture, enrich, scrub, filter, fulfill, report, within their own sites,” Fortino said, “and an entirely different suite of vendors to amplify their content beyond the reach of their inbound forms.”

With the help of the Lead Management Platform, B2B Marketers can now do all of this with one simple self-service interface. “Whether they want to centralize lead capture, or create a hub for qualification, routing, analytics, and companion content amplification campaigns,” Fortino said, “the platform does it allallowing B2B Marketers to reduce their costs while simultaneously becoming more efficient in the process.” 

To learn more about the Lead Management Platform and how it could work for you, please visit the NetLine Portal.