Marketer Showcase: Jacqueline Schklar, B2B Marketing Buzzword Killer

Jacqueline Schklar is an experienced marketing director with a proven track record in B2B and tech. Her dedication to results in product marketing, leading customer acquisition, and growing nurture programs deliver consistent, increased ROI for her clients—including Microsoft and DocuSign. How Jacqueline Schklar Builds B2B Buzzword-Less Strategies Cutting through marketing buzzword noise and delivering big […]

What Do Marketers Need To Make The Most Of B2B Intent Data?

As B2B marketing becomes more complex, high-quality, buyer-level, and validated intent data is necessary to drive success. But as B2B marketers start using intent data, what do they need to get the most out of it? In this post, we will explore the essential skills, competencies, internal processes, technologies, and tools that B2B marketers need […]

Using Customer Intent to Hone Your Business

Do you want to know why some companies are up to 59% more likely to get their customers engaged? I will give you a hint: it’s not about the price. It’s about the ability to understand customer intent and then offer relevant and highly personalized content.  In this article, I’ll explain what customer intent is, […]

How To Get The Handoff To Sales Right: Why First-Party And Validated Buyer-Level Data Is Essential For Effective Qualification

The pain B2B demand gen marketing pros experience whenever sales fails to act on leads or dismiss them prematurely can be quite painful.  Sales, conversely, pulls its collective hair out whenever marketing overpromises and underdelivers on quality buyer-level information. It’s a tango that has resulted in many stepped-upon toes and many unrequited opportunities. So why […]