Betting Big on Marketing Automation


Sales & Marketing funnel by SEOMOZ

Marketing automation continues to be a key item in many marketing departments’ budgets.  According to an Act-on & Forrester Consulting study, 45% of all B2B businesses have now implemented some type of marketing automation software. That being said, less than 20% of SMBs have done so.

This provides a large opportunity for the marketing automation company that can successfully service the SMB market.  Oracle is betting big on the opportunity with the acquisition of Eloqua for around $810 Million. And there continues to be stories and rumors about an upcoming Marketo IPO.

One thing is certain; it should be an interesting year for the industry.

We keep a close eye on these developing stories.  For years we have been building connectors to allow our clients leads to be directly imported into their marketing automation and CRM platforms such as Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce.  We continue to use resources to develop and perfect any technology that will positively affect our client’s bottom line.


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