An Exciting Announcement to Share…

To Our Valued NetLine Customer,

For over 25 years, NetLine has been focused on helping B2B marketers achieve lead generation success. In that time, every product launch, update, and decision we’ve made has centered around providing you with the best opportunity to reach your target buyers. 

As we’ve continued to evolve and mature as a business, NetLine has become one of the leaders in B2B lead generation and buyer-level intent data. Just as your goal of amplifying the reach of your business widens each year, NetLine’s aspirations have also expanded. 

Today, I’m incredibly excited to share that we have completed a deal to be acquired by Informa Tech—one of the world’s largest providers of intelligence, industry forums and marketing services to the tech industry. 

As far as how this affects you and your campaigns, things aren’t changing. While we’ll now be part of a larger company, our goals remain the same: deliver the greatest volume of first-party sourced, fully permissioned, buyer-level intent data obtained by educating today’s business leaders making tomorrow’s business decisions. We believe this is good news for all of us. 

Furthermore, we aim to accelerate our audience footprint, feature development, product roadmap, and support infrastructure. You’ll continue to enjoy the same user-friendly products and features, the same resources and support, and the same brand you know and love—only better! 

It has meant the world to us that you’ve trusted NetLine to help you achieve your own goals. It’s something we are extremely grateful for and something we take seriously. If you have any questions, please reach out and chat with your account representatives with anything that might cross your mind. 

Robert Alvin

CEO, NetLine