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[New Research] 2017 State of IT: Content Consumption and Demand Report

2017 State of Information Technology - Content Consumption and Demand Report_NetLineCorporation

Just released: Important insights for IT marketers to optimize lead generation strategies, in the new industry report. B2B marketers have a growing opportunity to reach IT decision makers by acknowledging the changes in content consumption trends and their past mismanagement of prospects. In a new industry report from NetLine Corporation, 2017 State of Information Technology: [...]

B2B Marketers: Stop Solely Targeting the C-Suite


*article originally appeared on It’s 2017, and every CMO is promising their CEO mountains of Glengarry leads for their sales organization to close. We’re not talking about normal, old Glengarry leads, we’re talking crème de la crème leads … the elusive C-suite leads that every marketer this side of Mars is longing for. Sound about [...]

[New Report] 2017 State of Human Resources: Content Consumption and Demand Report

Just released: Important new HR content consumption insights for B2B marketers to improve demand generation strategies this year from a new NetLine Corporation industry report. Deep insights into the research patterns of HR professionals have been uncovered in our new industry report, 2017 State of Human Resources: Content Consumption and Demand Report. Analysis into the [...]

Happy Holidays from the NetLine Corporation

On the move: This year has been an exciting time of evolution and growth for NetLine Corporation. Our 22nd year in business has been full of accomplishments and changes, including: • Expansion of the Account-Based Marketing Platform. • Redesign and release of the NetLine Portal for all clients. • Launch of advance campaign analysis reporting. [...]