Your 2017 Content Marketing Insights Guide for B2B Marketers

2017 Content Marketing Insights Guide_blogpost

Gain data-driven insights to optimize your demand generation content strategy.

In the past 12 months, long-form business content engagement and download activity increased by 36%. Further, 51% of the active audience consumed more than one piece of content and 20% consumed five or more pieces of content. The demand for long-form content to service the needs of professionals is rapidly rising and creating a growing opportunity for marketers. B2B marketers need to capitalize on this opportunity by producing the content their target audiences need to stay top of mind, solve their problems, and aid purchase decisions.

NetLine_Global_Consumption_Guide_2017_coverThe 2017 Content Marketing Insights for B2B Marketers Guide is based upon a deep dive analysis into the research patterns of professionals consuming content across the NetLine network. Gain insight into the content consumption journey of professionals and the content trends discovered in marketing campaigns to identify actionable opportunities for your organization, covering your:

  • Content Strategy
  • Targeting Strategy
  • Lead Nurture Strategy

The 2017 Content Marketing Insights Guide is an important read for B2B content marketers. Download your guide today >

NetLine_Global_Consumption_Report_2107_coverInterested in reading the full research study? The 22 pg. analysis report features the complete set of audience analytics, in-demand targeting details, and further analysis for B2B marketers.

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