[New Research] 2017 State of IT: Content Consumption and Demand Report

2017 State of Information Technology - Content Consumption and Demand Report_NetLineCorporation

Just released: Important insights for IT marketers to optimize lead generation strategies, in the new industry report.

B2B marketers have a growing opportunity to reach IT decision makers by acknowledging the changes in content consumption trends and their past mismanagement of prospects. In a new industry report from NetLine Corporation, 2017 State of Information Technology: Content Consumption and Demand Report, deep insights into the research patterns of IT professionals have been uncovered. Analysis into the active IT personas, IT content trends, and the most in-demand audiences of IT companies was compiled using the NetLine B2B content syndication lead generation network that processed more than 8.5 million leads in 2016.

Key content consumption insights include:

  • content consumption volume from IT professionals grew by 38% and 54% of the active audience consumed more than one piece of content
  • 11% of the active IT audience consumed more than 10 resources, averaging only 11 days between content requests
  • active IT professionals averaged 24+ hours to open the content and senior-level leadership 30+ hours

The report is aimed at empowering IT marketers with powerful insights to run more robust lead generation campaigns this year, covering:

  • Data Infrastructure and Data Tools
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Security
  • Storage

Robert Alvin, CEO and Founder of NetLine Corporation explained why the demand for IT content is surging, “the IT Department is under pressure to support organizations from all sides—each requiring a unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience. Now more than ever IT professionals need to be more informed; there is a higher thirst and voracity for a variety of pertinent content.”

2017 IT Content Consumption_NetLine Corporation

The 2017 State of Information Technology: Content Consumption and Demand Report is available now, download the report.

A Note from NetLine Corporation:

Robert Alvin CEO and Founder of NetLine Corporation“We want B2B marketers to be successful – it’s as simple as that. We’ve always provided the largest B2B content syndication lead generation network and solutions to generate net-new quality leads for our clients. Now we are layering in deep content consumption insights that they can’t find anywhere else.” – Robert Alvin