Robert Alvin

Robert Alvin is the CEO and Chairman of NetLine Corporation and Los Gatos, California native. Alvin draws on more than twenty years of technical and high-tech management experience to drive NetLine’s success and empower all B2B marketers with the reach, tools, and technology required to drive scalable results.

Amanda Drinker Dooley

As the Content and Product Marketing Manager at NetLine Corporation, Amanda’s focus is on building powerful solutions and experiences for B2B marketers and publishers, while educating the marketplace on content syndication and lead generation strategies to drive demand generation success.

David Fortino

David Fortino is the SVP of Audience and Product for NetLine Corporation. David is responsible for the strategic direction and management of NetLine’s audience, publisher, and client facing technologies, platform, and product development roadmap. Prior to NetLine, David served as Director of Audience and Business Development for VerticalNet.

Andrea Neiman

As Senior Marketing Manager, Andrea focuses deeply on bringing NetLine’s brand and core products to life. Whether it be Corporate, Demand, or Product, Andrea brings experience in all facets of marketing from enterprise and medium-sized companies.

Andrea Poljakovic

As the Product Marketing Specialist at NetLine Corporation and resident expert of NetLine’s content syndication and lead generation Portal, Andrea enables each of NetLine’s clients to be successful through Portal training sessions and how-to video production. Additionally, Andrea’s focus on product development and user experience optimization continue to refine NetLine’s solutions for B2B marketers.