40 Million Leads Generated and Counting by NetLine Corporation


On Monday, NetLine celebrated a major milestone in our journey to becoming the largest B2B content syndication lead generation platform. With great thanks, we announced that we have generated over 40 million leads to date on behalf of our clients, across 300 industry sectors. NetLine’s commitment to quality and passion for innovation has driven adoption and loyalty in the content-based lead generation marketplace. Reporting over two decades in business, NetLine is said to be the longest running start-up from Silicon Valley — and the first in B2B lead generation.

NetLine CEO and Founder, Robert Alvin, explains why our commitment is an important differentiator:

Lead generation ethics is an ongoing problem in the marketplace. We constantly hear from our clients about vendors making big promises, then delivering suspect data. Unfortunately, B2B marketers often don’t ask the important questions about lead gen tactics and suffer the consequences via poor ROI and complaints from their Sales Team. At NetLine, we operate under five core values: accountability, customer satisfaction, innovation, integrity, and teamwork. I believe that these values have secured NetLine’s reputation as a trusted and recommended lead generation solution for organizations.

Long-time client and Senior Marketing Director at Infor, Jen McMahon, offered perspective on her experience working with NetLine:

Our content syndication program with NetLine has delivered high quality leads for our team and we’re very happy with the results. The NetLine Team is great to work with and I highly recommend working with them.

Robert Alvin has taken the company from a trade publications business out of his home, to a full-service B2B content syndication lead generation company, to the largest B2B content syndication lead generation platform. NetLine’s recent acceleration to reach the 40 million leads milestone began in 2016; the total leads processed increased 48% over the prior year. Alvin shared:

Our growth has shown that content syndication remains a viable solution for lead generation and audience consumption of content is rapidly increasing. 40 million leads is an amazing milestone in our journey and I look forward to hitting 100 million with the support of my passionate team and our loyal clients.

Read the complete press release. To try NetLine’s trusted content syndication lead generation solution for B2B marketers, go to the NetLine Portal. To learn more or request a demo from our experts, contact NetLine.

…and now for the fun! Watch how the NetLine Team celebrated this major milestone from coast-to-coast with this Twitter Moment: